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Aero Race Jersey Blue
Aero Race Jersey Blue
Aero Race Jersey Blue

Aero Race Jersey Blue

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We have cut away all that is unnecessary and delivered a short sleeve tri jersey that fits like a one piece trisuit but without the hassle. Developed in conjunction with Ironman champion Britta Martin it is sure to become your go-to race day option.

The most aerodynamic option we have for wetsuit legal triathlons.



askin wafflefabric breathes 240gsm



Askin is a highly functional performance fabric with a water repellent property making it ideal for events that involve land and water.

Waffle Fabric

Waffle texture on a cycling garment causes turbulence in the thin layer of air closest to the dimples (shown here in red). This layer is called a turbulent boundary layer and it's able to follow the contours of the garment much longer and so creates a smaller wake and hence less pressure drag. The reduction in pressure drag allows the rider to travel faster for the same effort. (This is also known as the golf ball effect because it's why golf balls have dimples).